Small Business is given a voice at upcoming SBRFB meeting

On Sept. 12, the Missouri Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board will hold a meeting at the Truman Building in Jefferson City. Any small business is encouraged to send comments or to attend the meeting and testify.
The Board ensures that Missouri small business owners (those with 100 or fewer full-time or part-time employees) have a voice in the development of rules and regulations by Missouri state departments and agencies. Missouri’s state departments and agencies are required to solicit input from small business owners prior to implementing new rules and regulations. Agencies must determine if the proposed rule affects small business and, if so, the availability and practicability of less restrictive alternatives that can be implemented to achieve the same results.

The board provides state agencies with input regarding rules that adversely affect small businesses and solicits comments from small businesses.

The board also holds hearings around the state with state agencies and small business owners. These events provide a public venue for state agencies to discuss their approach to regulatory fairness for small businesses and for members of the public to comment on state agency performance.

Scott George is CEO of mid-America Dental and Hearing Center, a small business in Mount Vernon. George is one of the legislative appointees to the SBRF board, and can describe, first-hand, the importance of this buffer between government and small business.

“Large businesses have armies to help them figure out rules and regulations and get those in place, small business just don’t have the time or the resources that the larger companies do. The board is in place to facilitate a conversation between the business and the agency to make sure that they can all work together and the small business isn’t unduly burdened.”

Mid America Dental is also a long-time member of the Missouri Chamber. The Missouri Chamber was a lead advocate when this board was established by the legislature several years ago.

George encourages attendance at the meeting for anyone that is interested. The board meets 3-4 times per year and accepts comments online or at the meetings. To leave a comment for the board to consider for this meeting, visit Please submit your comment before end of business on Sept. 11.


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