US Chamber of Commerce Letter – A Senate Budget After Four Years

  This week, Senate Democrats finally unveiled their budget after four   years.
  But their proposal wasn’t exactly what we had in mind.
  As Politico reports,   the new budget from Senate Democrats, “includes nearly $1 trillion in new   taxes but would not balance the budget.”
  More taxes to cover more spending without any effort to balance the budget?   We can’t say that we’re entirely surprised.
  In addition to the trillion dollar tax hike, the budget doesn’t have a dime   in net spending cuts:


To   recap, this budget proposal does nothing to actually cut spending or address   our exploding $16 trillion debt. And it sticks American taxpayers and   American businesses with over $1 trillion dollars in new taxes.
  Is that what being serious about our fiscal future looks like? We hope not.
  Stay tuned for more budget news, and write to your Senators to demand   Washington cut spending and get growth back on track.
  Rob Engstrom
  Senior Vice President and National Political Director
  U.S. Chamber of Commerce


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