Brunner Blog: The Tax Cut of the Century

The following is a blog post by John Brunner to his personal blog,

This September, the Missouri legislature has the opportunity to do something that hasn’t been done in nearly 100 years; cut income taxes for every Missouri family, small business, and farmer. For the first time in a century, we have a chance to plug the hole in job losses to states that have already gotten competitive on taxes and regulations. Our Missouri legislature is set to take a step in the direction of growth and opportunity. We don’t have to be at the bottom of the barrel any longer. We can get Missouri working again!

After passing the tax cuts with overwhelming bipartisan majorities, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the tax cut reform calling it an ‘ill-conceived experiment.’ I would argue that the only ill-conceived experiment we have conducted in Missouri was electing a governor that loves taxes. He wants to keep the tax dollars rolling in so that he can continue to buy new airplanes and fund pensions for politicians. Governor, cutting taxes is not an experiment! This is the real world of working folks. It is common sense that tell us: taxes kill jobs. Taxes give power to politician. Taxes hurt Missouri families. And taxes cause families and businesses to leave Missouri to find jobs in Kansas, Tennessee, and Texas!

Nixon decided to kill pro-growth tax cuts because he, like most politicians, believes he knows how to spend our money better than we do. This “buying elections” with other people’s money has left our state and our nation in a dangerous fiscal and economic situation. We’ve got a clear message for Governor Nixon: BACK OFF!

“So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.”

–Milton Friedman

The choice is clear: do you want more government or more jobs?! When politicians spend our tax money on continuing special interest projects, there is less money for us to spend the way we want to spend it…like on our own families or small businesses! It is all about control….and “the golden rule”: he who has the gold, rules! If the politicians have more money, they are in control. If Missouri citizens keep their money, they are in control. It is a simple matter of an old-fashioned term called “trust.” Who do you trust? Politicians? Or yourself?

I understand job creation. Our family business has been creating jobs in Missouri for over 100 years. But with all the regulations and high taxes, it is getting tougher and tougher to compete. And anyone with a small business or family farm knows exactly what I’m saying! The answer is simple: government needs to back out of our lives, our schools, our farms, our businesses, and our churches so we can get back to work!

How do we get Missouri back on track? We need to override the governor’s job-killing veto. Enacting House Bill 253, the Missouri income tax cut, will be the first solid step in restoring Missouri’s economic standing among the states that have leapt ahead of us. More money for our citizens will make Missouri the job-creating state it once was. After all, for every extra dollar you have and spend, you are helping to create more real jobs. I encourage you to join me in contacting your legislators, and tell them to vote yes to override Governor Nixon’s veto of House Bill 253. Character before career!
John Brunner


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