New study: Digital learning should be available to all Missouri students

A new study released today shows that Missouri has fallen behind in the effort to bring digital learning opportunities to K-12 students. The current public offerings in Missouri are geographically restricted or require tuition payments. This means that as many states construct modern, open digital learning options, Missouri students are being left behind.

The study, commissioned by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation and conducted by the Evergreen Education Group, shows that digital education reforms are needed if Missouri is to achieve its goal of having one of the nation’s 10 best educational systems by 2020.

“In most states, online coursework is a viable, valuable option for students seeking to supplement the education they are receiving in the classroom,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “Unfortunately, Missouri’s fractured digital learning system does not give equal access to these resources to all students. With this new study, we have identified the problem areas and we are providing practical suggestions to help Missouri improve its digital learning policies.”

Key findings of the study reveal that unlike many other states, Missouri students do not have a publicly funded online school option.  Further, Missouri law does not allow open enrollment in virtual schools.  At a time when students in rural schools and students in failing students could greatly benefit from a virtual learning option, Missouri needs to look closely at the policy surrounding it.

The Missouri Chamber Education Foundation has a vested interest in ensuring Missouri has high performing educational system. With a globally competitive economy, it is imperative that Missouri students are receiving a world class education.

“In seeking to perform among the nation’s best educational systems, Missouri has set a high bar for our state’s administrators, students and teachers. We applaud this aggressive goal,” said Brian Crouse, vice president of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation. “As we work together toward achieving this vision, let’s make sure that we are utilizing all of our digital resources to provide outstanding content and learning materials options to all Missouri students who have an interest in enhancing their knowledge in order to engage and inspire them, and most importantly, set them on a pathway to success following high school.”

The report’s recommendations include:

  • Allowing statewide, fully online public schools.
  • Allowing schools to receive 100 percent funding for students taking online courses without requiring seat time.
  • Allowing schools to receive funding beyond one FTE for students seeking to take online courses beyond the school day.
  • Increasing opportunities for rural students by offering fully funded courses through MoVIP and other state-approved providers, and developing a best practices guide for rural consortia.
  • Supporting unaccredited and provisionally accredited districts that want to make online options available to their students.
  • Continuing to pursue broadband access not just to schools and community centers, but in “the last mile” to homes statewide.
  • Considering developing policy that all students statewide should take one online course in order to graduate from high school.
  • Requiring all districts in the state – not just those that are unaccredited or provisionally accredited – to pay for students to take classes from MoVIP or other approved providers
  • Identifying state resources for schools and districts that wish to expand online and blended learning opportunities for students.

These recommendations were unveiled on Thursday, Jan. 30, during a news conference at the Missouri Capitol. To read the full study, click here.  Or go to and click on the Education tab and follow the link to Education Resources.  There you will find a link to Virtual Learning Options, where the report can be found.



4 thoughts on “New study: Digital learning should be available to all Missouri students

  1. You should include a link which would send this to all of the state reps. and senators just by clicking on the link.
    Improving the learning opportunities would be of great benefit to the school districts which have lost their accreditation.

    • Hi Tim,
      I’m not sure how we would do a link like that, but I do know if you go to or you can find out who your rep and senator is and send them the link.
      Thanks for reading!

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