2014 Leadership in Practice program held at Westminster College

Leadership and person-to-person skills are essential traits for success throughout all parts of our personal and professional lives.  The younger children are exposed to this, the better leaders they will eventually become. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Education Foundation strives each year to make this a reality for young adults throughout Missouri.

Recently, nearly 120 sophomores from around Missouri attended the 18th annual Leadership In Practice held this year on the campus of Westminster College located in Fulton, Mo.   The program, which is put on by the Missouri Chamber Education Foundation each summer, teaches high school students about personal characteristics of leadership, leadership styles, civic and community leadership, economic leadership and global leadership.

Leadership in Practice class of 2014

Leadership in Practice class of 2014

Leadership In Practice immerses these students in hands-on activities, simulations and games. They evaluate their leadership skills based on what they learn and then set goals on how to improve those skills.  Business, civic, education and military leaders from around the state deliver relevant information on leadership and how students can take active leadership roles in their schools and communities.  The motto of Leadership In Practice is to Engage, Inspire and Lead.

For more information about Leadership In Practice, and how you can get involved with next year’s program contact Brian Crouse, Missouri Chamber Education Foundation vice president, at bcrouse@mochamber.com or by phone at 573.634.3511.


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