Yes on 7! Missouri businesses support transportation measure

On Aug. 5, Missouri voters will decide whether to support our state’s transportation system with a new sales tax, which has been endorsed by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our state’s businesses, large and small, rely on having a fully-functioning transportation system.

Read below to see what Missouri business leaders are saying about the need to pass Amendment 7.

Dallas Nichols, Transportation Manager The Doe Run Company, St. Louis For the Doe Run Resources Corporation, shipping more than 500,000 metric tons of material per annum from our facilities, the Missouri transportation road system is the life blood of our business.  We are dependent upon the roads and bridges to move our products from our mines and mills to the marketplace.  The transportation infrastructure also allows us to operate throughout the state so that we can bring in raw materials, which we process, and ship out finished goods to customers throughout the US.  Without safe and efficient transportation infrastructure, Missouri’s businesses would be at a disadvantage.  The livelihood for our 1,400 employees and the additional 6,000 jobs we support indirectly is dependent upon Missouri’s transportation system.

Gene Schwartz Sr., President K&S Wire Products, Inc., Neosho Management supports 100 percent the passage of the sales tax to fund the highway department’s need for additional funding. We are a manufacturer shipping our products everyday via trucks. We must maintain our roads and improve many of them. 

Margot Crowell, owner Nostalgic Place Bed and Breakfast, Arcadia I do feel a well maintained road system is viable to my business. Roadways are very important for my delivery of goods. Visitors to my store and Inn feel smooth and safe roads are an asset for their vacations. Consumers who have large spending budgets drive nice vehicles. They vacation and spend a lot of money and frequent vacation locations with smooth safe roadways. Specialty markets of touring vehicles and cycles require and only visit locations with excellent road systems. All of these groups bring revenue to Missouri. Maintenance of roadways provides income to Missouri construction workers and supplies them with incomes and they in turn spend money at other businesses.

I am for the new tax. Just insure me that the folks at state will use the funding wisely and not squander the revenue generated by the tax.

Bob Gilbert, PE Bartlett & West, Jefferson City This ballot measure is very important to our business. We provide engineering and technology services for transportation agencies in Missouri (MoDOT and Cities/Counties). Without the measure, we are hearing that the budget for our kinds of services could be reduced to half of their current value as early as 2015. This kind of reduction in resources for our industry will be detrimental to many of the businesses in Missouri just like ours. We hope that Missourians understand the value of a good transportation system and will vote yes on August 5, 2014. We need to keep Missouri moving ahead and keep our workers busy in Missouri.

Kathy McGraw, Director Ozark Valleys Community Services, Ironton Ozark Valleys Community Services provides services to people with developmental disabilities.  Part of those services is transportation.  We are in a small rural area and have to transport the people we serve at least within 200 miles or more once or twice a month. Therefore I would like to express to your how important I feel it is to support the tax for transportation funding to keep up the infrastructure of the roadways as well as improvements in the future.

I feel it is important for the business community as well as we are somewhat a tourist town with a lot of parks, etc. in the surrounding area and the roads need to be in good condition for people to travel to our area.  When they are here they often stay in our bed & breakfasts and shop at our businesses.

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The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry understands that the quality of life in our state depends on quality jobs for Missourians. To that end, we have one simple mission: to protect and advance Missouri business.

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