Education and Workforce Development Initiatives

Perhaps no other issue impacts Missouri’s workforce and Missouri employers’ ability to compete as much as education policy.  A long-term plan to make our education system as effective as it can be is essential to the future of our state.

“Our workforce is the front line of our economy and our education system determines the strength of that front line,” Mehan said. “Like any other component of a business or organization, if you are not constantly monitoring and making changes to keep up with the times, you will fall behind. Or workforce is too important to allow us to fall behind because we are afraid to make change.”

Recognizing this, the Missouri Chamber board of directors has approved a broad agenda of education reforms, including fully funding our education system, providing better support for high performing teachers and administrators and setting higher standards for Missouri students.

The Missouri Chamber will also advocate for measures that better align our education and workforce development system with the needs of business.

“Our employer members tell us that they have jobs to fill, but not enough qualified workers to fill those positions,” Mehan said. “We must rethink how we approach workforce development so that Missouri is maximizing training dollars toward this need.”


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