Bill to attract data center investment sent to governor

The Missouri General Assembly has passed an important bill to help attract high-tech, high-paying jobs to the Show-Me State.

Missouri is a natural location for data centers and regularly draws interest from technology companies due to the state’s low-cost power supply, protection from natural disasters, fiber internet and talented IT workers. But while Missouri is often among the top contenders to land big data center projects, other states with tax incentive packages usually end up winning the jobs and investment.

Sen. Mike Parson, a Republican from Bolivar, hopes to change that with his Senate Bill 149, which was truly agreed to and finally passed by the General Assembly on March 19. The bill would allow data centers establishing in Missouri to receive state and local sales and use tax exemptions for their machinery, equipment and computers purchased for the data center. Various data center utility expenses would also be exempt from sales and use taxes. Similar incentives would be available to existing data centers in Missouri that create new high-paying jobs.

“This is a growing industry that is creating exactly the kind of jobs we want in Missouri,” said Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “We thank the leadership of both the House and the Senate for making this bill a priority and moving it forward prior to spring break. Now we ask the governor to do his part and sign this bill to help bring good jobs to Missouri.”

The legislation includes a number of provisions protecting state and local revenues and ensuring that the incentives only go to companies creating good jobs.

Rep. Kevin Austin was the bill handler of SB 149 in the Missouri House of Representatives and played an important role in its final passage.

The passage of Senate Bill 149 would help Missouri achieve one of the recently-announced goals of Missouri 2030, a 15-year strategic plan for growth established by the Missouri Chamber. Competing for Jobs—including high-tech, data center jobs—is one of the plan’s four drivers that will lead to greater economic growth in Missouri. Learn more about Missouri 2030 at:

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