Missouri Chamber asks Attorney General Koster to fight federal Clean Power Plan

The following letter was sent to Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster on Oct. 6, 2015:

Attorney General Koster:

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the state’s largest business advocacy group. Together with the Missouri Chamber Federation, an alliance of more than 65 local chambers of commerce, we represent over 40,000 Missouri employers.  As such, the Missouri Chamber is situated as the most prominent and effective voice for the state’s business community.  The Missouri Chamber asks that you join the at least fifteen other Attorneys General in an action to stay the detrimental and overreaching Clean Power Plan.

Countless studies illustrate the regulations imposed in the EPA’s Clean Power Plan are unfair and harmful to businesses. The price of energy will skyrocket, driving up costs for products and services.  The U.S. Chamber’s Institute for 21st Century Energy estimates the proposed rule will result in a $3.2 billion reduction in our region’s GDP. The EPA itself estimates massive job losses in the electricity, coal, and natural gas sectors and a projected loss of over 27,000 jobs in our region alone. That doesn’t take into account the residual economic effects of stunted growth in these areas. Missouri’s job growth from 2004-2014 ranked just 42nd in the nation and our state GDP just 43rd during the same time period.  Frankly, the Missouri economy cannot withstand higher energy prices, more job loss, and any government mandate that curtails GDP growth further.

The impact of the Clean Power Plan and its compliance costs are far too high in comparison to the supposed benefits of the new rule. Missouri has languished far too long at the bottom of most economic indicators and the business community is afraid the cost of and compliance with the Clean Power Plan will only exacerbate the situation.

I respectfully ask that you join your fellow Attorneys General and fight the EPA’s harmful Clean Power Plan.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Daniel P. Mehan
Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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