Uniform Workforce Standards

In recent years, county and city officials have passed ordinances that make Missouri a confusing patchwork of laws and regulations. This patchwork makes it difficult to market Missouri as a whole and also makes it difficult for employers that operate in multiple communities in the state.

“After failing to pass anti-employer statewide mandates, we are seeing special interest groups target their efforts at the local level,” said Mehan. “It’s time to put a stop to this new effort to fragment Missouri before it begins driving jobs out of our state.”

For example, the cities of Jersey City, New York City, Portland (OR), San Francisco and Seattle all require private employers to offer paid sick leave to employees. Additionally, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, San Francisco, San Jose, and most recently Seattle and Chicago, will have minimum wages that surpass the state and federal wage. About a dozen states have taken action to preempt some of these mandates and keep a unified business environment throughout the state.

The Missouri Chamber will advocate for legislation that would protect Missouri from these mandates, specifically targeting ordinances that mandate leave beyond the FMLA, modified discrimination laws and standards and increased minimum wage